I Need a Sub!

Let me preface by saying, I love my kids, I love teaching my kids, I love the way that the Lord has set up our life right now!  God is so very good to this undeserving pilgrim.

The reason for my title today is the fact that I have been sick for 3 days.  It came on me around 4 o’clock on Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning, I could not even get out of bed.  Now you can imagine what rejoicing there was in the hearts of my three kids!  You’ve heard the old saying, “The cats away, the mice will play!”  and play they did.  I don’t really mind all that much that the kids have a day off, but all that goes with it can sometimes turn your world upside down.  So what do we do when the teacher is sick?

First of all, there is no sub pool for homeschool moms and dads.  We do not have teachers waiting in line to come and teach our kids when we are unable to do it ourselves.  I am not saying that there should be, I am only stating that it doesn’t happen.  It would be cool, really, but not likely to happen.

Secondly, we have daily lesson plans and goals, the same as a traditional school.  My kids certainly know that we will cover all of the material from the day or days that we miss.  They do not get behind, or miss out on lessons, or go untaught.  We simply cover the lesson on our own timetable.

Finally, when the teacher is sick, we all band together to take care of one another.  This is what family is all about.  When one is sick, whether it is dad or one of the kids, we all lend a helping hand to make things as good as they can be.  Again, I am very thankful for my three children, especially the oldest who seems to take on more than her share when needed.

God Bless, and enjoy your sick day! lol


What are They Missing Out On?!


I know that we have all heard this question from well-meaning friends and associates.  My mother heard those same questions 24 years ago when she pulled my brother and I out of the public school system, never to return!  So let’s talk for a few minutes about what I missed out on and subsequently what my children, who will never (as long as I can help it) go to a public, will miss out on.

1. Social Interaction.  Not being in a classroom of 15-40 kids will definitely affect my child.  For some reason, people think that this is an important part of growing up.  They think that developing social status as a 2nd grader is imperative to shaping who our children will become.  I don’t want to downplay social status, they will have to learn it some time, but not being in a classroom of enormous proportions where the teacher has to focus on so many individuals is not going to keep them from learning it.  People also seem to forget that we live lives outside of the schoolhouse anyway.  My kids learn social skills in other environments that we consider to be important.  They are not isolated from the community as a whole and made to live inside of a bubble until they are 18.  They have play dates with other children, go to the community parks and events, and have friends at church and in their various activities.

2. Sports and Activities.  I have a great and simple answer for this!  Home school Groups!  It is so easy to find other home school families these days!  We have five families in our church alone and a community full of home schoolers.  There are many opportunities for sports and activities in the community, some of which are only afforded to home school families.  We go to our community center for sports.  We use local Upward Sports opportunities.  The best part of it is that since we are not tied to the public system, we get to plan and choose what are kids get involved in.  We get to work it around our schedule.  Also, let me remind you that just because we do not go to school, does not mean that we do not go on field trips.  We actually plan terrific field trips and can even go on the spur of the moment field day!  Try doing that with 30 kids who have to all have permission from their parents and travel arrangements made.  Advantage, home school!

3. Quality of Education.  I have had a few brave people ask me if I really think that I am qualified to teach my kids.  Let me say that even without my experience in a private school as a teacher, coach, and class monitor, I would still be qualified to teach my kids at home.  My mother educated us without having graduated from high school herself.  If you believe in yourself, have confidence in the Lord, then you can do anything that you set your mind to.  Here is a little secret, honestly, the curriculum does all the work!  If you find a solid curriculum that lines up with what you believe, then follow it.  I have worked with several good curricula and it is not hard to decide what will work for you.  If you do run into something that stumps you as a parent, then we have many great resources to draw from to get the help that we need.  This can be addressed in an as needed basis.  And just in case you are wondering, the education that I received at home from my “unqualified” mom was more than enough to get me a 26 on my ACT!

As you can tell, this is not an exhaustive list, but my word count is high!  So I’ll just leave it with these three.  What kind of questions have you had to tackle as a home school parent?  Please add them in the comments!  Have a great day! and thanks for reading!

Here Goes Nothing!

OK! So I was working with my 5th grader this morning on her school work and her assignment for the day included having her start a blog!  She is almost 11!  I’m sure that you can imagine how excited that she is.  So we worked on a blog title and theme as well as her topic for her first post.  It got me to thinking about the fun we were having together and how God brought it all about.  My next thought was, “How many dads get to have this much fun with their kids everyday?”  Followed by, “I could start a blog and share our unique experiences with our friends and family!” So, voila! Here we go!  Hope you enjoy reading the future posts as much as I will enjoy sharing them!Image